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Medical tourism in the Penza region (presentation)

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Medical tourism in the Penza region

Contact Information

Address: 32, Krasnaya str., Penza, 440026

Phone / Fax: 8 (8412) 32-03-33


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Basic information about a medical organization

The Penza regional ophthalmological hospital is the only highly specialized hospital in the region. It provides ophthalmic care to the population of the region, providing a full range of specialized, including high-tech medical care.

The capacity of the hospital is 180 inpatient and 90 day case beds. It  allows to treat more than 12 thousand people every year, including  inpatient (8484 people, data 2018),  day case  (3,800 people) , perform operations  (13770)   and outpatient care ( 28657).

The hospital is the clinical base of the Department of ophthalmology of the Penza Institute for Advanced Medical Education   and the Penza medical Institute. It allows to maintain in a high professional abilities of medical stuff. Doctors use modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of eye pathology.  They introduce new technologies and engage in scientific research. 

The main know-how of the Penza ophthalmology is surgery of complicated types of cataracts with combined pathology of the eye (primarily the retina and the vitreomacular interface). This applies primarily to patients with pathological myopia (routine cataract surgery can be cause of complication, like retinal detachment).  Intraocular correction of aphakia by volume-changing intraocular lens (developed in Penza), can prevent some types of complications and save vision acuity in such a difficult situation.

The professional success of the Penza school of cataract surgery is noted at an international level. Our ophthalmosurgeons have been invited for demonstration of operations at the section "live surgery" in the international ophthalmological conferences (Moscow, Samara, Kazan, Astrakhan). The concept volume-changing intraocular lens was awarded the special prize of the American society of cataract and refractive surgery in Chicago.

The treatment of diseases of the retina and the vitreous body is considered one of the most complex areas in ophthalmologic surgery. Up-to-date tools and devices available to surgeons of the institution allow them to extend the possibilities of the retinal pathology diagnostics and carry out complex operations quickly and proficiently. Macular hole, epiretinal membranes, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, retinal and vitreous hemorrhages are treated by vitreoretinal surgery. Macular edema is treated by intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF drug    and prolonged corticosteroids. 
The hospital is staffed by highly skilled personnel, including 2 honored doctors of the Russian Federation. 5 doctors award for excellence in health care, 20 ophthalmologists have the highest category, 82 people are middle-level medical personnel.

High-tech ophthalmological care is provided by:
Galeev Rashid Sagitovich is an honored  doctor of the Russian Federation, excellent Worker of  Public Health of the Russian Federation, Ph. D., member of the European and American societies of cataract and refractive surgery (ESCRS, ASCRS), European society of retinologists (Euretina).  
Savelyev Mikhail Yurievich and Bychkova Svetlana Viktorovna are excellent Workers of  Public Health of the Russian Federation, higher qualifying categories, Silnova Tatiana Valentinovna has higher qualifying categories. 

Medical services are provided by the Penza regional ophthalmological hospital on the basis of the LO license-58-01-002247 dated May 16, 2019, issued by the Ministry of Health of the Penza region.
Over the past 2 years, the base material of the hospital has been completely updated and renovated.  New high-tech diagnostic and surgical equipment have been purchased. 
The staff of the Penza regional ophthalmological hospital is always happy to provide all possible assistance to any patient who came to us. 


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List of medical services

GBUZ POOB provides the following services

On an outpatient basis, a consultative appointment of an ophthalmologist is held.

In stationary conditions are carried out:

  •     Intravitreal administration of drugs,
  •     Vitrectomy and membranectomy,
  •     Phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation,
  •     Non penetrating deep sclerectomy,
  •     Laser iridectomy,
  •     Laser Trabeculopuncture,
  •     Focal laser coagulation of the fundus.

List of medical services

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